Spring Fever

For some reason, winter in Colorado seemed unbearably long this year.  Usually we get a break from the harsh cold with 70 degree days that make you forget it’s really January.  Or else we get dumped on with multiple feet of snow and it’s just so much dang fun, you don’t care if you’re cold.  We got very little of either this year.

This weekend was a divine exception. Two gorgeous, amazing, sunny grab-your-bike-and-some sunscreen-and-get-your-butt-outside days.

Dave and I went for a mountain bike ride on Sat afternoon and my friend Rebecca and I did a 12 mile hike along the Mesa Trail this morning.  Usually, we hike from Eldorado Canyon to Chautauqua Park , which is about 6 miles.  We leave a car on either end and drive back to the starting point.  This time, it was such an awesome day that after hiking to the Ranger Station at Chautauqua, instead of driving back to Eldorado, we decided to just turn around and hike back.  We talked the whole way so it’s more like 5 hours of therapy than hiking.

I love how when the weather turns warm, I get to rediscover the beauty and inspiration of living in Colorado. I love our health-minded, sports-devoted, dog-loving, tofu-eating, start-up-driven town and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


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    This was my first winter in Boulder, after moving from Minnesota. While in comparison, the winters here feel so mild, I absolutely love this spring weather! Being able to get outside for hikes provides such a nice mental break from the startup grind!

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