People are not as manipulative as you think

Turns out that people are not as “endlessly manipulative” or predictable as we think and MIT studies (and many others) have challenged the theory that rewarding a desired behavior gets you more that behavior. This traditional incentive model works great when the behavior desired involves basic mechanical skills. But once you involve even rudimentary cognitive skills (problem solving, processing and analyzing information), the opposite happens – increased rewards less to worse performance. So how do you uncover what motivates people to take on mastery, challenge and innovation? Watch to find out…

Whether you are trying to influence the behavior of your employees, customers or even your kids, you won’t get very far without understanding what motivates and inspires people. I read Daniel Pink’s book Drive, The Surprising True About What Motivates Us earlier this year and found it fascinating. Thanks to Melanie Gauss (former controller at Rally Software and super sharp lady) for sending me this video narrated by Pink that sums up his findings in a much more entertaining way (plus, who doesn’t love those cool animations by the creative folks at RSA Animate?).

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