How much do we really know about the food our kids eat?

I have orbited around the issue of food quality for years, participating randomly based on how much patience I had at the time.  I play both sides and am probably the world’s biggest hypocrite when it comes to food.  I buy organic vegetables and hormone-free meat.  I buy whole grain crackers and organic almond butter and they sit in the pantry right next to the Captain Crunch and Jalapeno Pringles. When I have the energy, I battle my teens about their sugar intake but guess who does the shopping for the food in the house?

I’m learning to pay more attention. My first wake-up call was the movie Food, Inc, which exposed how much of the food industry is controlled by corporations and how much untested genetically engineered food additives have been blessed by the FDA and USDA. Another great documentary that uncovers the truth behind genetically engineered corn is The Future of Food, by Deborah Koons Garcia.

I’m adding Robyn O’Brian to my list of crusaders fighting to rescue the rapidly-deteriorating quality of our country’s food supply. Watch Robyn’s TEDxAustin talk and it will be hard to keep having blind faith in what you find on your grocery store shelves, especially if you have kids.  Watch for yourself:

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