How do you explain influencer marketing?

Every industry has its own unique vocabulary and set of terms and phrases that are taken for granted when you work in that space. When I worked in the telecommunications industry, my daily conversations were peppered with acronyms like ISDN, FDDI, FCC, TRS and phrases like “modulation”, “subscriber line charge”, “common carrier” and “divestiture” (totally dating myself with that one).

The content marketing space is no different. We spend our days building strategies that map content to personas based on lifecycle stages. We strive to increase share of voice with content from influencers that is evergreen, pinnable and reflects peer authority. We optimize analytics with landing pages that drive product consideration from native advertising.

So what the heck does all that really mean and what’s the big deal about matching brands with social influencers?  At TapInfluence, we get asked this all the time and finally came up with a simple way to describe it that made perfect sense to our customers and the marketers we serve.

I love hearing people exclaim “Now I get it!!”

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