Last Tri of the Season: Boulder Sunset Triathlon 2014 (#20)


This was the last race I’d signed up for in 2014 but Paul has convinced me to do the Ft. Collins Tri in September so I might get to squeeze one more in.  This race was a perfect one to end the season. The sky was clear, it was late August so the temperature was a little cooler, and for some reason, the race was scheduled to start at 10am, which is much later than most events.  That’s about three hours later, which means more sleep the night before! Here is a short video of the swim start……

Swim Start of Boulder Sunset Tri 2014 from Holly Hamann on Vimeo.

Paul was supposed to do this one with me but he was battling a cold and didn’t want to push it, which is smart.  I was able to sleep in until 8:15am and still get to transition by 9:45am with plenty of time before my swim heat at 10:45am. The other nice thing about the Boulder Sunrise and Sunset races is they are sponsored by Your Cause Sports, so every entry helps raise money for the charity of the athlete’s choice (I picked autism research this year). They are also not as strict as Ironman-sponsored races so transition didn’t close at all during the race (more time to set up ) and family/friends were allowed in.


Maybe it was because I’d been active with races all summer, because I got more sleep, or because of cooler weather but I felt better than usual. By the time I got out of the water, I knew the swim time was one of my best – turns out I did the half-mile in 17:35, which was indeed a personal best. The bike felt great and I was shooting to do the 17 miles in under and hour. As of this post, the race site does not have the bike or run times posted for my bib number so I’ll have to check again in a few days. I started to think the whole race might be a personal best but a quarter way through the run (only a 5K), the heat really hit me and I slowed down. Because my swim heat started at 10:45am, that meant we were running mid-day and it got hot fast.

I’ve got my nutrition routine pretty down for sprint races. I eat a good breakfast before I leave home, usually eggs with extra toast, and 16 ounces of water, maybe add oatmeal if its a longer race. I set up transition, then take a banana and bottle of water to eat on the beach (after they close down transition) while I wait for my start. I eat a cliff bar and drink an entire bottle of water while on the bike and take a GU gel with me on the run. I always plan to see how I feel but usually end up eating it anyway. The only thing I don’t like about the GU gels is they make me thirsty and I end up grabbing two waters at each water stop. Not a bad thing, just inconvenient.

As I came across the finish, Paul was there to greet me. Even though he was not well enough to run, I was grateful to see him at the end. I was so dizzy after and kept getting head rushes when I stood up. I felt lightheaded for about a half hour then finally felt better after some shade and food.

One of my favorite parts about races is watching the awards at the end. Not for the overall races winners, but for the age groups. It is so inspiring to see people 60+ doing triathlons. The oldest athlete in this race was over 70 – incredible!

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