Blogger Brilliance, Social Good Summit, and Clinton Global Initiative

The past few days have been so overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start.  I left Boulder on Friday and spent two days in Tampa at the Blogger Brilliance conference, an event for bloggers in the food, fashion and travel industries.  The conference was coordinated by the fabulous BonBon Rose Girls and sponsored by a host of fashion icons including Neiman Marcus and the International Academy of Design and Technology. I was honored to speak about how bloggers can position themselves for successful partnerships with brands and I attended my first fashion show (hosted by Tim Gunn and Liz Claiborne).

I used to poke fun at the fashion models and the crazy outfits they wore on the runway. Little did I know that two days later I would be in NY listening to supermodel Christy Turlington at the Social Good Summit talk about her global efforts to help women get proper access to medical help that would help prevent millions of pregnancy and birth-related deaths.

Sun night I was parked in the ABC News studio offices working on last-minute preparations for the Million Moms Challenge campaign that was to launch on Good Morning America the next morning.

Monday morning I hung out with hundreds of moms on Times Square, just outside the Good Morning America studios rallying for moms around the world.  The Million Moms Challenge is a joint effort between ABC News, the United Nations Foundation, and a host of NGO and technology partners (including BlogFrog!) to help drive awareness and support for issues that affect women and babies.

I’ve been cabbing it back and forth between the Social Good Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative, a global gathering of former and current heads of state, corporate CEOs, philanthropists, thought leaders, and non-profits. I managed to get press credentials to help cover the issues for BlogFrog’s network of 65,000 women bloggers.

And that’s just been the last four days – I still have two days left! Its been a whirlwind trip full of energy, learning, new connections, new ideas and an inspiring lesson in thinking big.  My favorite quote of the day came from President Bill Clinton in his panel on global economic issues:

“Whether or not you think you can win the fight, get caught trying”.



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