BlogFrog is now TapInfluence

When my son was little, my life was so consumed with the basics – carrying him, teaching him, feeding him, and just making sure he made it around sharp corners and ledges without killing himself.  It was hard to imagine him grown up.  But now he’s a teenager, with a driver’s license and a job, and I wonder where all the years went.  I cherish every single moment of his childhood, even the hard ones, and am so proud of the young man he has become.

I have a very similar feeling about my company, TapInfluence, a cloud-based software platform that automates influencer marketing. My business partner, Rustin, and I started the company four years ago as BlogFrog and recently changed the name to TapInfluence to better reflect the idea that influencers aren’t just bloggers anymore. They include people with key audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and other social networks.

When we both quit our jobs to start the company in 2009, we didn’t have an office, investors or customers – just a great idea and a passion for growing it into something big.  I look back on the last four years and can’t believe how much things have changed.  The company has grown to 40 employees, we have over 75 enterprise brand clients, and we’ve paid out over $1 million to bloggers and influencers who create awesome content online. Here’s a nostalgic walk thru the past four years. I’m so proud of our team!


TapInfluence Launch Video from TapInfluence on Vimeo.

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