BlogFrog Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Being an entrepreneur comes with many moments of frustration, doubt, and isolation. But this past week was not one of them.  Sometimes all it takes is a fleeting moment of celebration and validation to make all the hard work worthwhile.  Or at least it gives you enough of a lift to carry you through a few more months of uncertainly and chaos.  This week, I was thrilled to be featured, along with my business partner Rustin Banks, in the April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

The author, Jennifer Wang, did a fabulous job of articulated BlogFrog’s mission to help brands and social influencers create and engage in like-minded communities and conversations.  She interviewed our brand clients, blog partners, channel partners, and employees and went deep into the history of the company and the evolution of our products. You can read the full feature article, BlogFrog and the Power of Moms on their website.

This feature, along with our recent announcement on closing $3.2 million in funding, makes March a pretty tough month to beat.


  1. Mikhaila Stettler says

    Hi Holly,
    I just read the article, which is how I found your blog.
    Great article! Congratulations. Would love to talk with you about how BlogFrog could help some companies I consult with on digital strategy and content production. Drop me a line and let’s get a conversation started.

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