A teenager’s view of technology and video games

Today’s post is a guest post by my 15 year old son. He writes from his own perspective, with very little (if any) editing from me.

Technology today is filled with valuable information and promise, but there is a darker side that some people love just as much. I am talking about the pointless, funny, and insanely addictive games in our tech world today. I am in high school, and I often find myself playing an internet game only to realize “oh, that reminds me, I have history homework tonight”. Then, I procrastinate until the last possible moment. Personally I think all the instant games and entertainment we have has led to short attention spans. I am sure that some kids have been diagnosed with ADD all because they wanted to leave the doctors in a hurry and get home to play Call of Duty. It seems that whenever I get “disconnected” from technology I have much more time, and I’m not wasting it away on a pointless site.

On the flip side, the technology today has allowed us to get information much quicker. In 1960, nobody had access to an “internet” and nobody was furiously typing on their iPhones and iPads. People read things called newspapers, and listened to a thing called a radio (ha, imagine that) and that was how people got their instant information. I am very curious to see what ¬†peoples reaction would be if all of our technology crashed. And all the iPhones and iPads just became multi-hundred-dollar paperweights. Our world as we know it would be flipped upside down and I am sure that some people would be (for the lack of a better word) bored.


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