3 misconceptions about airsoft guns (from a teen perspective)

Today’s post is a guest post by my 15 year old son. He writes from his own perspective, with very little (if any) editing from me.

There are many misconceptions from parents nowadays, and one that really bothers me is when people judge airsoft. If you don’t know what airsoft is, it is basically a toned down pellet gun. An airsoft gun works a lot like a blow dart, except it uses BB’s. There is a piston inside the airsoft gun that is put on a spring. When the gun is coked the piston is back against the spring and when the trigger is pulled the piston is released, and the piston creates a wave of compressed air. The air is the only thing that comes in contact with the BB and the air pushes the BB out. Now that you know the basics of how an airsoft gun works, you can understand some of more common misconceptions.

3. It is illegal.

This is a fairly common misconception that I hear. The laws for airsoft differ from place to place. In Colorado, laws change between counties. The laws on airsoft all depend on where you live.

2. Airsoft is dangerous.

I hear this all the time from paranoid moms. This really gets to me, because if you are wearing face and eye protection, the most damage an airsoft gun can do is leave a small welt where you are hit. I play airsoft on a team, and to get in you have to sign a waiver. The waiver doesn’t say anything about getting hurt from the 6mm 12g BB’s, but instead, the waiver is in case you trip and fall on a nail or if you step on a shoelace and break your face. Or something similar. Getting hit with an airsoft gun feels similar getting stung by a bee, only the pain lasts for about 3 seconds. I also play high school baseball and I can tell you that baseball is a much more dangerous than airsoft, yet it is widely accepted.

1. Airsoft promotes war.

This is easily the most common misconception that I hear. Yes, you are shooting guns at each other, and yes the point of most games is to eliminate the opposing team. But what I have learned from airsoft is that I would never want to be in a war. Mostly because I would die really, really fast. I also encourage you to look at our political system. Is that not a dog-eat-dog world? Just look at some big corporations that are running other companies to the ground.  The real world does not play fair. So by playing airsoft, I now understand that there are some battles that are just about impossible to win. There is no skilled veteran running through the field with an explosive crossbow blowing things up like Rambo. If I had the balls to do that, the next thing I would feel would not be triumph, but instead about 200 small BB’s hitting my body.

Please remember that I am not trying to push anything on anyone, I am just trying to educate those who do not know. If you are still unclear, or still have questions about airsoft I suggest you find a local game and just check it out. You don’t have to join in on the game, sometimes its even more fun to watch (it’s like watching a movie). I just wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge when they do not fully understand something, so please just educate yourself.



  1. Justin says

    Bravo Noah, a responsible young airsofter! I think it’s also important to note that a common misconception with parents is that an airsoft gun is a toy. It is not a toy, it is a tool and a weapon, and should be treated with the same respect and precautions. The real problem is when children (and even some adults!) are uneducated about the sport, and treat the weapons like they’re toys…. before you know it they’re waving them around in public and the police are responding to reports of someone walking down the street with an ‘assault rifle’.

  2. Nancy says

    Holly — I love that you have provided Noah a platform communicate his views in a forum that may be read by an audience that he is trying to reach with his comments. A chip off the o’ blockette, that one.

  3. Rebecca Hudson says

    You’re so right on, Noah! Forrest and Cody love playing airsoft and have all the protective gear to make it safe as well as fun!! I disagree with Justin who claims that airsoft is a weapon. It’s a toy weapon and certainly wouldn’t stop any home invader and I’m sure couldn’t be used in a hold up!!! I guess it’s a weapon in the same way that my dinner fork could be if used agressively, though I think it would inflict far more damage if someone threw it at you than if they shot you.

    • says

      I know this is an old post and no one is likely to see this, but I am working on an arguementative essay about Airsoft and the common misconecpetions about it. I just wanted to say to Rebecka. Airsoft guns are weapons. No they probably couldn’t stop a home invader. Then again if a home invader armed with nothing found a realistic looking AK-47 pointed at him, he would probably want to get the fuck out of there. Considering most airsoft players remove or mask the orange tip on their guns anyways, the person would have every reason to think it is real.

      Here in michigan, airsoft is big, and we constantly have problems with people commiting crimes with replica fire arms. Break ins, robberies, ect. Down in mount pleasant last month two kids shot up some cars with bioval .27g bbs, destroying the windows. So please, think before you open your mouth on the internet, someone will eventauly see it. Airsoft takes a certain level of responisbility to play. Every player is taught to treat every weapon as if it was real, for all intents and purpsess they are, and thats why airsoft communities have strict safety regulations we stick to.

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